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Orthodontics Braces Sydney – The Top 3 Types of Braces

Orthodontics braces in Sydney is an ever-growing industry with new advancements popping up all of the time. Oral conditions such as cavities, teeth discoloration, overbites, and misalignment all can be treated thanks to those who study in the field of dentistry. Adult Braces or orthodontics braces are used both for teeth straightening and orthodontic alignment as well as bite correction. See examples of how both children and adults are treated and the results that have been achieved with adult braces and damon braces.

Crooked teeth are the most common problem people face today and are treated through the use of a special orthodontic braces treatment that is mounted onto the teeth. In the past this metal bulky braces would need to be worn for over a year and may have caused severe discomfort to those who had to wear it. These days, Sydney orthodontics braces has advanced to a point where there are now many options for braces available.

Orthodontics Case Study

Looking at The Cause of Orthodontics Braces Problems

Many research publications in Orthodontic journals, both current and historical, have shown that the development of the size and shape of the jaws is almost entirely influenced by how a perspn breathes, swallows and positions the tongue and lower jaw.

Incorrect habits such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking, incorrect swallowing and poor posture are contributing factors of orthodontic problems. These habits should be corrected as soon as they are evident.

The growth of the face and the alignment of the teeth is likely to be compromised if correction of habits are not taken care of as early in life as possible. Alsoteeth will tend to go back to being crooked again.

The aim is to prevent the extraction of teeth that will make the face of a person much fuller and better looking.

The best time to gain space and develop the jaws is when a child is growing between ages 6 and 10 or even earlier. For adults a different approach is taken. Please contact us to discuss this further. 

In children, by correction of these myofunctional habits, not only will teeth become and stay correctly in line, facial development will be improved and our view is that there is less need for complex orthodontics. This is the philosophy behind our approach.

The Process of Orthodontics Braces

First treatment records are taken that include special xrays and models and photographs to determine the best course of treatment

Airway size can be clearly seen as well as enlarged and obstructive adenoids. These images can also be given to E.N.T’s and other Dental professionals.

Un-erupted teeth, such as canines and wisdom teeth, can be measured for the first time without any distortion and compared to the space available.

Once a diagnosis has been ascertained then we will guide you the best way to solve your child’s problems

Below are the top three most popular orthodontic braces available today.

1. Damon Orthodontics Braces

Damon Braces

These braces are similar to traditional ones in appearance, but offer a lot more benefits. The first feature a person will notice is that they aren’t as bulky, which will decrease the chances of food getting stuck in them and increase the levels of comfort. They are a lot easier to adjust if needed. If you are able to, you can also get clear Damon braces which are completely invisible, but that also means you’ll be charged a slightly higher fee

2. Clear Invisible Ceramic Orthodontics Braces

Clear Invisible Braces

People often worry about their appearance when considering braces. This is why clear ceramic braces are one of the most popular choices. They are the most cost-effective clear braces you could qualify for. Your teeth will be pushed into position by an extremely thin wire that is barley visible from up close. A person standing far away would never notice them. Not only are they good for aesthetic purposes, but effective at protecting your teeth from bacteria and viruses as well.

3. Invisalign Orthodontics Braces


This invisible orthodontic braces treatment is another cost-effective option for those who want invisible braces. They are made from plastic material and completely removable, which means you’ll be able to eat without worrying about them getting in the way and that they can be easily cleaned. Unlike traditional metal braces, they are quite comfortable. Invisalign aligners will protect and improve the health of your gums as well, making it a great choice for those who have swollen gums caused by their misaligned teeth.

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