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Braces behind the teeth with Lingual Braces Orthodontics

Why Lingual Braces?

One of the most common reasons people avoid getting braces is because of how they look, but what if you could hide your braces behind the teeth?

You are probably wondering if that is even possible, though the answer to that is yes. Lingual braces, lingual orthodontics or braces behind the teeth, are unique in that they are attached to the backside of the teeth as opposed to the front like traditional braces.

This keeps them hidden from the eyes of your peers while straightening your misaligned teeth.


Lingual braces, lingual orthodontics or braces behind the teeth, in Sydney are attached in the same way as standard braces, except on the back of the teeth.

They need to stay on for just as long as normal ones, which can be anywhere from one to three years depending on the condition of your teeth.

These lingual braces, lingual orthodontics or braces behind the teeth, however, will cost a fair amount more since they have to be customized to fit your mouth.

They are less expensive than completely invisible braces though.

As said, the main benefit of choosing to use these braces is that they will be out of sight for the year or two you have to wear them.

They are also more comfortable than traditional ones and interfere much less when it comes to eating and oral hygiene.

Pain is rarely an issue as well.

Different levels of teeth-straightening with Lingual Braces

6 teeth or full smile?

There are different levels of straightening your teeth using lingual braces.

This include:

1. Lingual braces, lingual orthodontics or braces behind the teeth for front 6 teeth only.

These are used to straighten only the front six teeth.

The rest of the teeth are generally not a part of treatment.

This treatment can only be used in people who generally have good jaw sizes but their front teeth are slightly crooked.


2. Lingual braces, lingual orthodontics or braces behind the teeth for all the teeth.

These are used for people with quite marked crooked teeth and do not want to wear conventional braces.

There are a few disadvantages for having braces (lingual braces) you cannot see.

A major concern is the fact food can build up and go unnoticed for awhile, which allows time for plague to grow causing all sorts of unneeded problems.

Another point to remember is that they can take a bit longer to get used to than standard braces, but after you are accustomed to them then they are less bothersome.


If you do not care about hiding your braces, then a traditional set will do you just fine.

However, if you would rather keep them hidden, whether it is for general or professional purposes, then you’ll definitely want to check out Sydney lingual braces.

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