Adult Braces

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Can I Get Braces on Teeth for Adults?

Of course! Braces adults are available for people of any age as long as they qualify for them. In fact, over half of all patients who receive braces on teeth are adults. There are plenty of reasons as to why people couldn’t have had braces on teeth when they were younger, mainly due to costs, but there is no excuse not to get them now especially with all of the financial options available for braces adults.

Appearance is not the only concern for those who have misaligned teeth and malocclusion, there are many health problems that can develop from these two conditions as well which is why you should get metal braces as soon as possible. Jaw issues such as temporomandibular joint disorder and gum disease are just a few of the problems braces adults can prevent.

Are Traditional Metal Braces A Good Choice for Adults?

Metal braces are the standard option for anyone that needs their teeth straightened. These braces on teeth get the job done at an affordable price, which is why most adults do choose them over other options. Even though they do not look as aesthetically pleasing as braces adults like Invisalign, metal braces or clear ceramic braces are better for taking care of more severe problems in less time.

Many people do report several problems they have with metal braces. The most common complaints include how uncomfortable they are compared to other options and the appearance. Most adult patients believe that metal braces look exactly how they did back in the day, so they refuse to even consider them. Today, braces adults are considered in the design of metal braces. New technologies have allowed us to make the structure of traditional braces on teeth significantly smaller than the large and bulky size they used to be.

What is Invisalign Braces Adults for Teeth?

For adults who have a bit more to spend, Invisalign is chosen over traditional metal braces. Invisalign braces on teeth are clear in appearance, comfortable, and extremely convenient. They are the best braces adults on the market, especially for patients who work in a social environment and need to speak clearly at all times of the day.

The cost of Invisalign braces on teeth can run a bit steep, though the quality is well worth the price. These types of braces adults can be removed at any time of the day and should be taken out when you eat and brush your teeth. It is quite difficult for most to upkeep oral hygiene with metal braces in the way. Invisalign braces on teeth are best for those who do not have a severe problem, which we will find out during the initial examination.


What Can I Expect When I Visit for Braces on Teeth?

After you schedule an appointment with us, you will come to our office where we will examine your teeth to see exactly what type of braces adults you qualify for. The next appointment will be scheduled where we will place either metal braces, ceramic braces or Invisalign braces on teeth. We will let you know how long you must wear these braces adults and the effects they’ll have on your teeth.

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