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No matter what your age is, teeth straightening can help create a healthier, better-functioning smile.

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Straighter smiles are healthier smiles.
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Why straighten my teeth?

Did you know – By improving the alignment of your bite, you also get to benefit from the aesthetic enhancement of teeth straightening Sydney. And believe it or not, you’re never too old to pursue an orthodontic evaluation.

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Embrace a healthier smile

Health Benefits of Teeth Straightening Sydney

Having a straight smile is the dream of many. Aside from having a straighter, symmetrical smile, there are actual health advantages of orthodontic treatment: 

Lower Risk of Tooth Decay

The truth is, teeth that are crowded, crooked, or generally misaligned tend to show statistically higher rates of cavities (particularly between them, where food and plaque accumulate the most.)

No More Gum Disease

Decreased Risk of Periodontal Disease and Tooth Loss

Like decay, misaligned teeth are more prone to gum disease. This periodontal infection gradually weakens the gum and bone tissue supporting the teeth, causing them to become mobile or fall out altogether. Unfortunately, periodontal disease also allows oral bacteria to spread elsewhere in the body, complicating conditions like diabetes, heart disease, pneumonia, and other underlying medical issues.

Jaw pain?

Improved TMJ Function

Malocclusion is the term used to describe teeth that do not fit together properly. When the upper and lower teeth and jaws are in a malocclusion, it causes the TMJ (jaw joints) to move in an atypical manner every time someone is biting or chewing food. Over time, these abnormal joint movements will lead to TMJ pain, complications, or joint disorder.


Relief of Headaches and Muscle Tension

Similar to TMJ problems, irregular chewing patterns can strain muscles throughout the face, head, neck, and upper shoulders.

How much does it cost?

The Cost of Braces and Other Orthodontics in Sydney

Many of you asked: what’s the cost of teeth straightening options in Sydney? Part of teeth straightening Sydney is determining the cost of braces prior to the beginning of treatment. Since orthodontics costs vary from one method to the next, and are influenced by factors such as treatment duration, the price of treatment varies from one person to the next.

Fortunately, orthodontics providers at ClearBraces Orthodontics can evaluate your bite to determine the extent of your teeth straightening needs. At that point, we’ll create a personalised treatment plan that discloses all of the steps involved, including itemised fees. If you have health funds that cover orthodontics, we can calculate your coverage to reduce total out-of-pocket costs.

Good new is, we offer super Flexible payment options, making it easy to afford low monthly financing on any teeth-straightening service.

When you consider the health benefits of getting braces or Invisalign orthodontics, the investment in your oral wellness is well worth it.

Interest-Free Payment Plans

Sometimes getting braces can be an investment. Depends on the type of braces you are after, the cost of orthodontics braces treatment starts from $2500 to up tp $8500 based on a few variables such as the complexity of the case, the oral conditional of the individual, etc. 

The good news is, with the full range of Interest-FREE payment plans we have available here at Clear Braces Orthodontics, our patients will be able to start teeth straightening treatment for as little as $40/week! Keen to learn more about braces cost or payment plans, give us a call to learn more!

Which Teeth Straightening Option is Best for Me?

There are so many options out there – which one is right for me? Orthodontic options today range from traditional braces to Invisalign aligners and even removable growth modification appliances. By having a choice between different types of orthodontics, patients and their providers can choose a system that’s best for their specific bite alignment and lifestyle.


For example, adults typically prefer Invisalign trays, as they’re removable and transparent. At the same time, busy teens who might have trouble keeping up with clear aligners may benefit better from a fixed orthodontics system.


The best way to determine which braces are best for you or a family member is to meet with your orthodontic provider for a one-on-one evaluation.

Reserve a Consultation

ClearBraces Orthodontics delivers customised teeth straightening to fit your lifestyle, goals, and financial restrictions. Reserve an appointment with us today to learn more about the teeth straightening Sydney experience and find out which braces are best for you.

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